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Qigong (pronounced as "Chee-Gong") can be translated roughly as "Working with Life Energy". This ancient Chinese practice of cultivating and working with Life Energy is the foundation of the Hypno-Qigong™ Method.


Hypnotherapist Qigong Hypno-Qigong™ Program Schedule and more details Coming Soon!

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Founder & Director:
Stephen Rinaldi, D.MT

Common Questions:

Q. Where can I enroll in a live Hypno-Qigong™ class?

A. We are currently considering live Hypno-Qigong™ Classes in Western Massachusetts (USA) later in 2013 as part of a planned video training series. If you live in the area and would like to be notified when these sessions may take place, please subscribe to our mailing list (see below) to receive news and updates.

Q. Is it possible to become a Certified Hypno-Qigong™ Instructor?

A. Yes, but not just yet. We are finalizing plans to offer a school and instructor franchise option open to those who meet qualification standards in both Qigong and Hypnotherapy - as well as complete a comprehensive training program on the proprietary Hypno-Qigong™ training method. Please contact Founder & Director, Stephen Rinaldi, D.MT. directly if you are interested in becoming a franchise owner. E-mail: support@hypnoqigong.com





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The Hypno-Qigong™ Training Method has been designed as a personal development and overall wellness program.

This ground-breaking new method combines Ancient Qigong practice for overall mind/body wellness, with cutting-edge Hypnotherapy techniques. This unique blend provides those who practice Hypno-Qigong™ with a new and highly relaxing approach to reducing stress and realizing one's personal potential.

Hypno-Qigong™ is not merely an Internal Martial Art style of practice. While we do base our Qigong

practice on classical Chinese energetic forms, we also integrate that practice with a proprietary approach that includes a foundation of hypnotherapeutic counseling and post-hypnotic suggestions that help guide the student toward deeper release of the bodily and emotional stressors that are so common in today's world. Our primary goal is to set the environment and the training methods that promote deep relaxation in a controlled practice room setting.

Common Questions

Q. When will I be able to purchase the Hypno-Qigong™ Program?

A. We expect that the first materials will be available for viewing / purchase sometime in 2013. We extended the original development timeline by 18-months to tighten the program and incorporate as much new information as we could. I personally spent additional (and very valuable) time training and learning from some of the top Qigong teachers during that period as well - and adapted that important learning to the program.

Q. In what format will the training materials be?

A. We plan to have both video and audio materials available as part of the Hypno-Qigong™ Program. Film and Audio Production will be done by BBI Media and Radioasis Studios. The end product will be distributed as online video / mp3 audio - and we are planning to have packaged CD / DVD releases available as well.

More details will be posted on this web aiste as available. Please subscribe to our online newsletter to receive news and updates.

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